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Meet Fresh 鮮芋仙

Meet Fresh 鮮芋仙

Taiwan’s large dessert chain came to the Bay Area and draws lines out the door every weekend, evenings and often lunch times too. On this Sat weekend at 92F outside, we sit here waiting for our icy order. 

Featuring popular Chinese desserts of Grass Jelly, Tofu Pudding and Shaved Ice with hot versions of the former two, as well as a mix of other snacks (delicate mochi’s) and drinks (all sorts of fruit and herbal teas), this is probably the busiest business in the entire Cupertino Main Street plaza. 

The desserts are delicately made and highly recommend, however I’ve been highly disappointed by their pearl teas (boba), so I recommend staying away from those. The other drinks seem to be ok. 

19449 Stevens Creek Blvd #120, Cupertino, CA 95014


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