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Yayoi is a modern Japanese comfort food place in Cupertino. You wait to get seated at the front, then you order through the iPads on your table. Additional requests for extra utensils and etc are also done via the iPad. Dessert ordering is done through the iPad too, as well as setting your status to “Ready for dessert”. At the very end you go to the front to pay. No tip is accepted, so it’s a pretty straightforward experience. We did find the waiting time to be longer than average near the end of our meal when things got busier, but still enjoyed the experience. 

Ordered the Unagi special and it was very enjoyable. The sukiyaki was a little lacking, it was a bit on the overly sweet side and nothing stood out about it. 

We wanted to try their matcha jello like dessert but it was sold out way too fast. The matcha ice cream with jello sides was decent. 

The Sake Lovers Flight was thoroughly enjoyable.

This is a nice place to come back to for some sake and Japanese comfort food. 

Reservations before 5:30p not accepted. We showed up at 5:30p on Friday night and got seats easily. 

10/19/2018 Update: Just took my friend here and she told me there’s lots of Yayoi in Taipei, with the prices at half the prices here in the Bay Area. (

Yayoi 20682 Homestead Rd., Cupertino, CA 95014


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