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Zero-Waste Holidays!

My journey towards reducing our family's waste has been slowly chugging along. Since last Christmas, I've been using this card company for our Christmas cards and had a good experience with them. I am using them again this year, and they have a good offer until Nov 30th for 50% off discount on their cards.

So if anyone's looking to get some made, check them out:



- High Quality Cards

Californian Ghosts? Point Sur Lighthouse

On all my travels up and down my home state of California, I've driven by the Point Sur Lighthouse numerous times, but never having the chance to pay it a visit. Tonight as I find time to catch up on old emails, I chance across an old email from my subscription to KQED and a report about the isolated Point Sur Lighthouse.

Check it out below:

A Lighthouse So Beautiful, Ghosts Come Back to Haunt It

Montalvo Arts Ctr - Stories in Light

Being someone that is in love with ambient lights, I recently discovered an art exhibit opening in Silicon Valley featuring a European artist who is exhibiting in the Western U.S. for the very first time. I immediately got tickets and took the family on one warm fall evening (I chose to go while we are still having unseasonable warmth in the Bay Area). What we saw, did not disappoint any of us. I told the little ones that I was taking them to see magical flowers glowing in the night and they were so delighted. 

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