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San Francisco - Lightning Fast One Day Self-Tour



Park in the Plaza, underground or street level. Look at City Hall. With your back to City Hall, walk towards a Statue down United Nations Way. When you see pillars on left & side, try to find China. Go back to car when done.


Kids Obstacle Challenge Event

This morning we participated in the Kids Obstacle Challenge and had an awesome time. It was our first time doing this event and we didn't know what to expect. It was difficult to get the family out of bed so early on a weekend morning, but we got there with our spare clothes/shoes for the first Family Wave of the morning.

Silicon Valley

Found yourself in Silicon Valley and wonder how all this came to be? (Even if you're not, it's still an interesting watch for those who are tech-geeks.)


Car Accident - Dashcams

So a couple weeks ago, we got into a car accident. We were t-boned by someone that ran a really solid red light. This person caused a 3 car accident.

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