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Silicon Valley

Found yourself in Silicon Valley and wonder how all this came to be? (Even if you're not, it's still an interesting watch for those who are tech-geeks.)


When we meet again...

This is a beautiful song and music video about saying goodbye from my favorite video blogger. 

Though I'm no stranger to saying goodbye, even final goodbyes, when those memories drift back to me I often wonder where those friends/family are now and how they are doing. The impermanence of our time together, even the impermanence of our lives, reminds me to cherish the moments that I have with each of them and to live fully in that moment.

2018 Holi Festival by Stanford ASHA

It's been years since we attended the last ASHA Holi Festival (pre-kids), now we finally went back and it was really great. Tickets weren't easy to get and we were risking a rainstorm forecast for Friday through Saturday, but luckily not a drop came down today.


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