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Taken on my trip to Chengdu, China at a shadow puppet shop.

Unforgettable Places and Feelings

Taken on a trip to Jiu Zhai Ghou in China, an UNESCO World Heritage Site


Like a place out of my dreams... on Tioga Pass

Photo of Savewo 3D Mask

PPE Masks

My new recommended mask solution is a Mask Brace that is worn over medical masks developed by the group, Fix the Mask. Their testing has verified that a medical mask with a mask brace achieves near N95 results and is economical and accessible to the general public.

Beautiful Words

As someone who loves writing.. and reading.. here are some beautiful words that I’ve come across (and someday I’ll go […]

Eco-Gift Giving

Gift giving is usually either a very happy activity or very stressful. But nowadays, with the added concern of climate […]