Two Little Pet Mice

On Aug 10th, we welcomed little Fasty and Halley to the family. Our children have been really amazing and they both have been asking for a puppy and a kitty, despite us already having a very beloved elderly cat.

However, considering several factors…. the children having diligently been feeding the family cat these weeks, have been very industrious and completed their summer workbooks/reading goals, as well as being very understanding with masks and Sheltering-In-Place… signaled they might be ready for the responsibility of little lives (littler than a kitty and a puppy though).

So now considering that the children are both of elementary age and pet mice are potential segues towards the future larger pets, I shared with them the joys and responsibilities of pet mice. Myself, having been the proud parent of three pet mice when I was elementary aged, before I later was blessed with the companionship of my doggy.

The children took to the idea of little pet mice right away and after a few weeks of thought, debate and evaluation (and checking our local shelters for rescued mice for adoption), we adopted our pet mice! And now let us introduce little Halley and Fasty (the children chose their names).

They are two little female (sisters) mice and are currently residing in a temporary enclosure until our larger one arrives (many supplies were not available due to covid).

Prior to getting pet mice, we also read/researched a lot of resources. Pet mice ownership has come a long ways since I had my little mice during my elementary years. So here is a list of our favorite pet mice resources that we feel are very good for prospective pet mice humans to look into:

This is a very good video on how to Tame Pet Mice

The Complete Guide to Fancy Mouse Care:

  • Fancy mice is just another term for feeder mice/storebought mice. This guide is a very good read and gives you the basics of understanding what sort of diet is good for them, what foods to avoid and how to properly care for them.

Mouse Care Information from Small Angel Rescue:

  • Another good guide on mouse care

The Spruce Pets – Mice Pets

  • This is also a good overview on pet mice. Worth a read.

Handling and Taming

  • A good web post on handling and taming mice, though I do not recommend picking them up by the base of their tail.


  • We really like Emiology pet videos. She treats her pets very humanely and considers their welfare. I’d like to feature her video here on how to bring mice home. (Please also see her video about whether pet mice is a good fit for you.)
  • I also want to feature this video below, as an example of what not to do to animals, in general.

Pros & Cons of Pet Rodents with Kids: For anyone looking at this page, if you are considering adopting a small animal as a pet, please do your research ahead of time. Here is a good article to learn about the different species and their quirks.

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