A Breath of Big Sur

*Work in Progress*

Big Sur has always been one of the most majestic and tranquil places that has captivated me since my childhood, as well as the hearts of many others.

Having driven up and down, all the way (the entire stretches, including PCH), along Hwy 1 numerous times throughout my life, I had never gotten the chance to experience it through the amenities (or restraints) of an RV, which leads into…

… the next adventure is to plan for a “future” trip to Big Sur in an RV.

So, let’s start researching:

Big Sur Chamber of Commerce site: No overnight on Hw1 and Nacimiento Rd…. so valuable to know, since at least one article mentioned to do that. That’s why it’s always good to check multiple sources. (They also have a link to the Big Sur Twitter.) Here is one of their PDF’s introducing Big Sur and amenities.

DrivinVibin Article: This article lists many good camping (RV) options along Big Sur, in addition to free spots off the road.

Pacific Overlander Article: This is a decent article that gives a history and overview of Big Sur. It also lists some very good destinations, several which I’ve been to and can also recommend. It also lists the dining (which may/may not be open now and in the future). Though I have to recommend Nepenthe for it’s amazing view if the world ever recovers from Covid in the future. Finally, at the bottom it lists several camping spots.

Airstream Forums: a post on boondocking in Big Sur

FreeCampsites.net: latest news along Big Sur, good to check out before going

RoadAffair.com Article: Decent article listing sights, campgrounds, dining and some packing advice.

Monterey County Weekly Article: Amusing take from a Monterey local on Big Sur

Bumming Around in an RV Article: Another amusing take from a couple that frequents the Big Sur area.

theBrokeBackpacker Big Sur Article: Some decent tidbits of info

And that’s it! Let’s wait and see when these parks and campgrounds open up. As it is, it looks like free overnight RV boondocking along Big Sur is not a wise/legal choice until the region has re-opened.


LetsTravelFamily Article: this seems like a good intro article for RV apps and sites

Curbed Article: more good info with explanations

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