Beautiful Words

As someone who loves writing.. and reading.. here are some beautiful words that I’ve come across (and someday I’ll go through my backlog of words that I collected prior to this page existing and post them here someday.)

For Tupac’s Birthday… Jada Pinkett Smith shared these words of his. I have always loved and appreciated Tupac’s creativity and music. May our world be a place where someday we can maintain and mend more hearts than are torn…

Lost Soulz
Tupac Amaru Shakur

Some say nothing gold can last forever
And to believe this, I need no proof
I’ve witnessed all that was pure in me
Be changed by the evil men can do
The innocence possessed by children
Once lived inside my soul
But surviving years with criminal peers
Has turned my warm heart to cold
“I used to dream and fantasize
But now I’m scared to sleep
Petrified, not to live or die
But to awaken and still be me
It is true that nothing gold can last
We will all one day see death
When the purest hearts are torn apart
Lost souls are all that’s left
Down on my knees, I beg of God
To save me from this fate
Let me live to see what was gold in me before it’s all too late

Read and listen to Smith’s full birthday message for Shakur at

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