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Turing Tumble

Turing Tumble

Following weeks of bad luck, we received something that we’ve been waiting months for, the Turing Tumble. (

I have to say I am even more impressed to experience it in person. The book is very well laid out and nice heavyweight spiral bound, so you can flip through the pages easily. The art is beautifully done in a manga style with a storyline about a heroine space engineer trying to solve puzzles. These puzzles rank from simple to extremely hard that would give even veteran engineers a challenge. Most importantly, it reveals how a computer chip functions. Most tech academic attempts only show kids how to interact with computers, but not how they actually work inside. I am impressed that something so analog and manual can reveal the complexities of a digital processor.

The beginning goes something like this.... Allia, the Space Engineer, is on a mission to repair some machinery. Her first task is to use these 6 green pieces, 4 of which go here, and 2 other ones you can place where you like. The goal is to ensure that all the blue marbles fall to the bottom, without having any red marbles fall down. Where would you put the remaining two green pieces to ensure that? Once the process gets started, it's a chain reaction, where marble after marble falls, and it's possible a blue marble could fall to the red side effectively activating that side, failing your mission.

It is an amazing game that has captivated all of us showing the inner working of a computer chip using physical gears and switches. 

If you are looking or a good family game that’s extremely engaging, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to beat this one. (It will even give engineers a good challenge.)

Check it out at:


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