Cazador-Del-Sol Suncatchers for the Home

After a long wait, we finally got our suncatchers delivered. These acrylic suncatchers glow even under low light conditions. I have always loved adding lighted accents to the home, but wanted something that was energy-saving and low-maintenance.

Over the years, I have tried solar lanterns, string lights, tea light lanterns and more. Those tea light lanterns did not hold up well to the weather and with candles there is always a fire risk. Even when you switch to battery operated tea lights, you must still go out every evening and manually turn it on or off. Plus small batteries are not eco-friendly as they cannot be recharged.

Solar lanterns were a step up, however they were finicky if they did not get full sun. They also tend to be big and more traditional looking. We were aiming for a sleek, clean lined modern look.

These Cazardo-Del-Sol’s came in to play, perfectly.

These Cazardor-Del-Sol Estrella 3D stars are our favorite. When they spin in the breeze, they cast star-shaped lights around them.

I ordered 3 different styles of the Cazador-Del-Sol’s. A trio of the original circular hanging one, a trio the Estrella 3D stars, and a trio for the Sun Bouquet.

The circular ones give a more calming and mature feel, with it’s circular glow. The stars are the most showy, especially when the light shines directly on them and they cast a myriad of star-shaped lights around them. The little flowers are the cutest, sitting within the garden bed and giving off a pleasant glow.

Here is a video of the unboxing and review of these 3 styles. These are now my favorite lighted/glowing decor pieces for the home, and has stimulated me to slowly retire my finicky solar lanterns in preference for these.

You can find these suncatchers at..

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