Covid-19 Resources

  • Covid-19 Testing
    Now with covid testing becoming more plentiful, you no longer need to be symptomatic to get a FREE test. Here […]
  • PPE Masks
    My new recommended mask solution is a Mask Brace that is worn over medical masks developed by the group, Fix the Mask. Their testing has verified that a medical mask with a mask brace achieves near N95 results and is economical and accessible to the general public.
  • Covid-19 Dashboards
    Here are a few Dashboards that I follow to get an overview of the local and global situation. There are […]
  • HOCl Hypochlorous Acid Sanitizing
    How to make HOCl at home:Quick Notes: Important Stat – pH: pH: ideal 5.5pH post-electrolysis (or between 4-6pH is good) […]
  • Wellness Resources
    Little snacks and dishes to keep us our diet well-rounded. Here is a running list of the regular snacks, desserts […]