Eco-Gift Giving

Gift giving is usually either a very happy activity or very stressful. But nowadays, with the added concern of climate change, I’ve found it harder to shop for gifts with that in mind.

In that case, here is a list of gifts (and party favors) that I generally opt for, to reduce the gift giving impact on our climate.

Party Favors for Kids!

Paperback Books
I usually order loads of books from (through my school) to give as party favors after a birthday party. You can find bundles of 10 books for $12 easily if you pay attention through the year. When the children are done with these books, they can recycle it, pass it on or donate it to their library.

I’ve gotten really great feedback from parents when they leave our birthday parties with books. They are really relieved to not get a bunch of little plastic toys that they then have to toss.

I wish more local bookstores would sell small books in bulk. They would make a lot more money and parents could get eco-party favors more easily.

Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Bubble Bars, Lotions, etc. from
This is also listed in my Zero-Waste post, as a great stocking stuffer for kids. Lush has all kinds of great eco-friendly stocking stuffer and gift items that are eco-consciously made.

Manuka Honey
This honey from New Zealand has really good health properties. You don’t often find these in stores and it’s not easy to figure out which ones are authentic. They are a little on the pricey side, but within the $25-$40 range which makes it a nice indulgent, but healthy + eco-conscious, gift for a receiver. I have personally gifted the 10+ UMF Manuka Honey by the New Zealand Honey Co.

If your recipient needs something with antibiotic properties for medicinal use, you can give them 15+UMF or higher.

If your recipient could use general immune boosting benefits, then the 10+UMF is good enough.

Here is a comparison I found of various Manuka Honey brands.

Personal Alarm – She’s Birdie

This personal alarm is something I own and makes a great gift (including for men imo). Read more about my She’s Birdie Personal Alarm.

Elate Cosmetics – Ethical Marketplace

They’ve set up an ethical marketplace where you can shop for some sustainably made goods. – Sustainable Products

Fillgood always has a good selection of sustainable household supplies, but also now they carry some sustainable stationery items too.

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