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Recently I’ve felt the need to look into personal safety devices for my family, in part spurred by discussions of various incidences from neighbors, as well as the general sentiment in the news.

Personal safety options range from self-defense martial arts to pepper spray (or gel spray) and etc. However, the best defense that most concur with, is to simply get away.

In that case, I felt that a device that can emit a loud noise should suffice for most situations (including hiking if you happen to meet the random mountain lion).

Poor Kyle meeting a cougar during a run

From reviewing numerous personal safety alarm options online, I settled on the She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm.

I liked this alarm over the others because:

  • High Volume: It features a hefty 130db, which is a good standard for these types of devices.
  • Easy Activation: Pull the ring out to activate. Similar to other devices on the market, but not so easy where it accidentally activates on its own (which happens to some other devices according to reviews).
  • Replaceable Batteries: More eco-friendly, but also means it’s a quality device you can keep for the long term, rather than a cheaply made single-use throwaway device. You can quickly check the battery level using a simple test method which I go over in my video below.
  • Big Plus! Strobe Light: This is a feature that other similar devices don’t have. You can use the strobe light flash to blind an aggressor if needed, plus it is a visual signal of your location during the night or in low-light spaces.
  • Aesthetics: It comes in several different colors, while other devices usually come in black plastic. It is sleek, lightweight and feels quality made.

I’ve recorded a quick video of the personal alarm I ordered and received. The one in the video is the Aqua color (though I have also purchased other colors as a gift to other family members and they look nice as well).

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