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Californian Ghosts? Point Sur Lighthouse

On all my travels up and down my home state of California, I've driven by the Point Sur Lighthouse numerous times, but never having the chance to pay it a visit. Tonight as I find time to catch up on old emails, I chance across an old email from my subscription to KQED and a report about the isolated Point Sur Lighthouse.

Check it out below:

A Lighthouse So Beautiful, Ghosts Come Back to Haunt It

San Francisco - Lightning Fast One Day Self-Tour

Many friends have visited over the years, and the Bay Area being my childhood home, I often take my visitors who are on limited time on a very fast lightning one-day tour of San Francisco, hitting most of the critical/worthwhile sites. This is best for those with limited time or those who want to get an overview of almost everything SF has to offer and then go back to it at their own leisurely pace. This article is formatted for easy printing with all the key points and paths mapped out so you can keep it in your car for ease.

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