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Montalvo Arts Ctr - Stories in Light

Being someone that is in love with ambient lights, I recently discovered an art exhibit opening in Silicon Valley featuring a European artist who is exhibiting in the Western U.S. for the very first time. I immediately got tickets and took the family on one warm fall evening (I chose to go while we are still having unseasonable warmth in the Bay Area). What we saw, did not disappoint any of us. I told the little ones that I was taking them to see magical flowers glowing in the night and they were so delighted. 

Kids Obstacle Challenge Event

This morning we participated in the Kids Obstacle Challenge and had an awesome time. It was our first time doing this event and we didn't know what to expect. It was difficult to get the family out of bed so early on a weekend morning, but we got there with our spare clothes/shoes for the first Family Wave of the morning.

New Ballet - Sleeping Beauty

We enjoyed a lovely performance of the Sleeping Beauty today at the California Theatre in San Jose by The New Ballet School. Having only taken my girls to the "My First ...." versions of previous performances by this ballet school, I was impressed that my girls were able to sit through a full-length performance this time. We all thoroughly enjoyed the performance, for it's beautiful choreography, costumes, set, music and dance.

Terrain Race SJ

We finished the Terrain Race for the first time this morning, including the kids Mini Monkeys version.

This was our first time at this race, recommended by our friends and we thoroughly enjoyed it. 

The event was very well organized. The waves of participants kept the whole event feeling relaxed and made it easy to keep our eye on our participants.

You definitely had to be careful at some parts but it made it that much more rewarding when done. 

2018 Holi Festival by Stanford ASHA

It's been years since we attended the last ASHA Holi Festival (pre-kids), now we finally went back and it was really great. Tickets weren't easy to get and we were risking a rainstorm forecast for Friday through Saturday, but luckily not a drop came down today.


March for Our Lives

On March 24th, 2018... we joined thousands of people, most notably students, educators and regular folk. The students, though too young to vote for their lives, but not too young to lose it, spoke powerfully through their poetry, through their actions, through their oratory skills and through their organization.

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