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Before you do your shopping, remember to check out #GrabYourWallet and remember each of our purchases makes a difference.

A team from Arizona State University found nanoplastic particles in all 47 samples of a variety of human organs, including lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys.


Canada’s last contiguous boreal forest is being destroyed to make more TP, facial tissues and paper towels, which I find extremely sad.

“Charmin comes from forests like the great Canadian boreal, which is currently being cleared at a rate of seven NHL hockey rinks… per minute— threatening Indigenous communities and boreal caribou and exacerbating our climate crisis.” ~ per NRDC

Read The Issue with Tissue by NRDC to see what rating your TP scored.

Backpacks by Garnet Hill

Backpacks made from plastic bottles and typically includes a free Lunch Pack. These go on sale every year in late summer in anticipation of the fall school season.

Food Containers by Collapse-It

We’ve used these for over 5 years and also give them as gifts to friends/family. They hold up to freezing, hot foods, dishwashing, easy to open/close for little hands, lightweight, breakproof, space-saving, odor/stain-free despite repeated heavy daily use. I can’t recommend these enough. Not a single one has broken on us, with daily usage by our family. (Only issue is no way to write your name on this, Sharpie ink doesn’t stay and name labels don’t stay on it. But they are unique enough to be recognizable as ours, whenever we’ve lost one.)

Reusable Ziplock Bags by StasherBags

Another great reusable option that we store freezer foods in, held toiletries for airline travel and just super useful in general to replace single-use plastic ZipLock bags.

Plastic-Free Single-use Bags by BioBags

There are time when you just need single-use bags, such as piping deviled eggs, or packing food to give to friends/family. We’ve used Biobags regularly for a couple years now and can highly recommend this eco-alternative to plastic bags. And it works great for piping deviled eggs!

Dish Liquid from

Dishwasher Powder from

All Purpose Cleaner – HOCl from DIY@Home

This is now our go-to homemade cleaner/sanitizer/disinfectant. Eco-friendly, family & pet safe. Work on SARS-COV-2 and flu, as well as bacteria.

Bamboo Charcoal Facial Bar from

Solid Body Lotion by LUSH

They carry many options and switch them out from time to time.
solid body lotion by Lush

Bubble Bars by LUSH

Our favorites are the spinners & bubble blower and they make for great kids stocking stuffers

Body Bar Soaps by Dr. Bronners

We like the unscented and the lavender ones.

Toilet Paper by Who Gives A Crap

Update 05/30/20: It’s been over 3 months since I took Fillgood’s rec to try this and we are still happily using it. Their customer service has been superb and I love their commitment to social work.
(There are other competitors that offer zero-waste tp/bamboo tp, but WhoGivesACrap is the only one (besides Seventh Generation) that actually donates/uses their resources to better the world. Check out this article on Vox about No.2 and other competing brands.)
Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper

Recycled Paper Towels by WhoGivesACrap

This is a bit pricier but works well for us.

Forest-Friendly Tissues by Who Gives A Crap

A little hard to pull out of the box, but works well.

Shampoo Bars by LA Miss Apple from

We use the lavender one for normal hair. I prefer dry bars because it keeps the bathroom tidier than bottles. And I always hated having to get the remainder out of bottles.

Conditioning Bar from*

We use the Be You for normal hair and the Lavender bar from Cauldron Soap. We love bar soaps/shampoo/conditioners because they are great to travel with and they are so easy to organize at home.
Conditioning Bar

Dental Floss by Dental Lace from

For our initial batches, the floss broke really easily. It took a lot of care to floss without it breaking after each tooth. However, we stuck with it and found that the refills were much stronger, almost as good as conventional floss. Previously, I hesitated to recommend this product, now I can confidently recommend it… at least the refills, since I haven’t purchased more starter units as I have all the glass floss bottles that I needed.

Bamboo Toothbrush from

Comes in Adult and Kids sizes

Dental Chews with Flouride
It’s crazy how hard it is to find zero-waste dental chews with flouride.

Laundry Liquid by Puretergent from

I just opted for the Color, since I can use Color also on Whites.

    • download

    Paper Culture
This is my go-to local delivery/shipper for zero-waste products. If you will be a first-time shopper with, friends that know me can ping me for a discount code to get $10 off your first order and so will I, on my future order. I really like this vendor and support their endeavors.
This is a blog that I discovered some plastic-free cosmetics with and some decent tips.

ZeroWasteHome Map App
Just discovered this from fillgood. This is an interactive map for you to find local places that sell zero-waste or bulk products so you can lighten your footprint.

Magnetic Hand Soap Holder by Taymor from (or other retailers)

Liquid hand soaps costs more to transport and uses more plastic, but you don't have to deal with soggy soaps. The Taymor is a great solution so you & your guests can enjoy those artisinal bar soaps, without the sogginess and be eco-friendly.
We’ve also gotten a lot of praise from guests on this Taymor and many of them ended up getting one.

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