2. Passing Miaoli & Kaohsiung (Dec 2019)

For the next leg of our trip… we started to head south and Miaoli was our next destination for a brief stop.


Miaoli is famous for it’s predominant Hakka Chinese culture, Hakka cuisine and as a Mountain Town. It’s a part of Central Taiwan and connected by the High Speed Rail.

As we were mostly passing through, I don’t have much information to share about Miaoli, except that when you come here, you have to try their famous authentic Hakka cuisine and their mochi. (Actually, my favorite type of mochi is the Hakka style, I find other styles of mochi’s to be too sweet and doesn’t focus on the texture/softness/QQ feel that is unique to the mochi.)

Some tourists also visit the Hakka Round House, which is a Hakka Walled Village. However, from online reviews, I’ve read that visitors have found it underwhelming, though it’s a large space to let the kids run free if you end up going.


After a shop stopover in Miaoli, we took the high speed rail down to southern big city of Kaohsiung. While Taipei is famous for its international metropolitan style and high tech lifestyle, Kaohsiung is famous as the industrial and military center of Taiwan. With our short stop in Kaohsiung, we stopped at just a few places, since this was not our first trip here.


Map – Day 5 Route

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