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FuturePark TeamLab SF

I would love to share an exhibit we went to a couple years ago. It is an exhibit by TeamLab, but the most striking portion of the exhibit was the FuturePark installations. It is an imagination of what a park of the future could be like.

The TeamLab Exhibit was in Palo Alto, but I am not able to find an introduction of the entire exhibit to showcase here. The closest I could find was one that was centered on the FuturePark portion of the exhibit, which was what left the deepest impression on us. Check out the FuturePark video below:

Short of waiting for another TeamLab exhibit to grace us, we were delighted to discover that they left one of their installations in a handful of location in the U.S. The nearest ones being in San Francisco and San Diego, featuring their “Sketch Town” installation.

How big is this museum? How long will it take to enjoy it?

This is a rather modestly sized museum. Active kids will finish it in probably 2 hours or so. My kids who were mesmerized by Sketch Town spent 3 hours in that exhibit alone.

Where to Park?

I personally park at the city-owned, Moscone Center Garage (255 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103).

Where to Eat?

Museum employees gave me the wonderful recommendation to cross the skybridge into Metreon for lots of food options. They have a food court, as well as Cafe X (a robot that serves you coffee/chai), ice cream and more.

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