Kids Obstacle Challenge Event

This morning we participated in the Kids Obstacle Challenge and had an awesome time. It was our first time doing this event and we didn’t know what to expect. It was difficult to get the family out of bed so early on a weekend morning, but we got there with our spare clothes/shoes for the first Family Wave of the morning.

The kids were really good sports though the weather was windy by the coast, which made for really gorgeous scenery by the way, and despite getting pretty muddy. Luckily we all had towels, spare clothes and took advantage of their rinse station. The kids initially never wanted to do this event again, but by the end (especially after watching their awesome videos) they were all cheers for going back again next year. 

We parents had a blast and will put this event on our high priority list to do again next year.


  • Our kids barely met the minimum age for the race and it was doable for them. They were active kids, but not particularly physically strong.
  • We parents get to run with the kids as well as participate in the obstacles too if we wanted to.
  • Our race was at Coyote Point in San Mateo by the bay and it definitely got windy there. If your location will be somewhere with high winds, I recommend going for a later, afternoon wave, so that you aren’t freezing after getting muddy and then freezing during rinse-down.
  • There are no changing stations there, so after you rinse, you might want to run to the car to change. 
  • Bring cash for food and parking in a plastic baggy. Plastic bag up your electronics and bring just the minimum in your pockets lest they get wet/muddy.
  • Not stroller friendly.
  • No place to store bags. But you can carry and set down on the side of each obstacle as you complete them.
  • Water and disposable cups are provided, though bringing your own re-usable cup is recommended

Check it out at:

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