The AnyList App: 5+ Years of Usefulness

I think it’s about time I give a shout-out to some of the tools that have helped me keep my life organized and efficient, so that I can have some free mental capacity to pursue some of my side interests. One of those tools is AnyList. I’ve been using AnyList since 2013 to keep track of not only grocery lists, but travel packing list, camping packing list, birthday party lists and even a gym list, since I often have to pack for multiple people.

Advanced List Functions: All sorts of lists. Crossed off items can be hidden/in plain sight. You can even reset the list, for example, every trip I build upon my camping list from the trip before. Now I have a comprehensive camping list that I use to check off every item to pack/not needed. Then when my next trip comes around, I just reset the list and all my items are back and ready for me to tick off.

  • Synced with other family members, so I can be at home checking the fridge and adding to the list, while my family member is driving to the grocery store. Once they arrive, the list is up-to-date and ready for them to shop
  • Allows assigning of Stores
  • Allows adding of photos, so no more confusion about what I want
  • Allows adding of pricing, so I can quickly see which store is cheaper for which item

Advanced Recipe Functions: This past year I’ve been transcribing my recipes onto AnyList and it’s been a blessing. When I’m going to cook something from one of those recipes, I open it up in AnyList, I see the list of ingrediants, and whatever I am missing, I just tap that ingredient, then it automatically pops over to my default grocery list.

  • Pop recipe ingredients onto default grocery list
  • Easy to copy and paste entire recipes onto Anylist


  • Desktop web-browser support
  • mobile support
  • Apple Watch support (I can keep my phone in my pocket and just tick items off my watch in the store)
  • Siri support (“Hey Siri. Open Anylist. Add chicken broth to AnyList.” And chicken broth gets added to my default grocery list)
  • synchronized across all devices and family members (we subscribe to their Family plan)

There’s so many more features that I haven’t listed here, but this is a very handy tool that I can no longer live without and genuinely recommend it to anyone to give it a try.

Here’s to AnyList

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