Wellness Resources (w/covid updates)

Jia Strings Tea Set

Little snacks and dishes to keep us our diet well-rounded. Here is a running list of the regular snacks, desserts and treats we eat for pleasure and wellness:

07/25/2020 Covid19 Update:

VitaminK2 correlates with higher survival outcomes in patients according to this Guardian News article, something about the lungs being more elastic. So I have moved my earlier tip about Norseland cheese under this category, since now we know if helps against covid19 as well.

Norseland Cheese (compound prevents tumors, beneficial to lungs)

Fermented Foods: Reduced ACE2 ensymes in your cells, with which sars-cov-2 latches onto.

Stewed Fungus & White Pear (Beneficial to Lungs)

Mung Bean Soup

Osmanthus (Beneficial to Lungs and etc)

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