Ducky Goat – Mech RGB Keyboard

I’ve owned my Ducky Goat keyboard for many years now and finally got around to swapping out all new keycaps. This post is less informational and more for me to keep a gallery of my Ducky Goat.

My original Ducky Goat

Over time the ABS shine-through keycaps that originally came with the Ducky started to yellow, as ABS normally does. I still kept it clean and through the good advice of 1UPKeyboards, I originally cleaned them with denture cleaner tabs.

However, ever since I started making my own HOCl, which is an amazing cleaner, where its neutral charge actually pulls dirt off the keycap; I found that it cleans better than the denture tabs. Once I use up all my denture tabs, I won’t need to buy more. Just soak in HOCl and give it a rub with a paper towel, and it looks shiny. Sadly, it doesn’t remove the yellow coloration from the ABS keycaps, though I’ve had people comment that they like that retro-yellow-tinged keyboard look, reminiscent of the IBM days.

So this week, I got a brand new set of fun keycaps and we got to giving my keyboard a makeover. I discovered these pudding keycaps from a fellow Massdrop user.

The more yellow-ish keycaps towards the center-right are the original Ducky ones. The new puddings are installed on the Numpad and slowly on the rest of the keyboard.

And here it is….

Looks great and feels good. These will keep me happy for a while. Next time I plan to swap out for some shine-thru white steampunk keycaps for a different look.

Here is a link to the my new keycaps

HyperX Double Shot PBT Keycaps

Typewriter steampunk shine-thru keycaps

  • I’d like to give these a try in the future
  • If anyone has used these, leave a comment and let me know how you like them

Here’s a video of it in use (lower left corner):

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