Teas and Pearl Teas (Boba)

JIA String Tea Set

I love tea. I love its light flavor, its delicate color, the fragrance and the art of making tea. I love tea in its many forms across the world and across cultures. Here is where I will keep my collection of my tea knowledge and experience.


For lovers of Pearl Milk Teas (Boba Milk Teas), I can heartily recommend a pearl milk tea popsicle made by the Taiwan brand IMei foods. You should be able to find these at most Asian markets if they are not sold out. (They are extremely popular.) Despite being frozen, the pearls keep a very chewey texture and I never imagined milk tea to taste so yummy in frozen form. I might have to try to make my own milk tea and freeze them as popsicles sometime for fun.

Brown Sugar Pearl (Boba) Milk Tea Popsicles by IMei of Taiwan

If you don’t have a local asian market near you, you could try the online delivery service SayWeee, which I use from time to time. Here is my referral link for SayWeee.com.


Today my order for a pu erh tea box arrived from China. It took about 2 months to arrive, which makes sense considering covid is causing a lot of delays worldwide. I opened it and was so surprised by how beautiful it was. The filigree was so intricately carved out and the whole box felt very sturdy. After a nice wipe-down, I eagerly placed my pu erh tea into the box. It is now sitting on my beverage cabinet.

Pu Erh Tea Box

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Purchased from https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32957911419.html?spm=a2g0o.store_home.productList_2140133.subject_7

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